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Brand Description Web Link
CAFRAMO Heaters, fans & air dryers Web Site
CAMCO Marine accessories & maintenance products Web Site
CANADA CORDAGE Rope & cordage Web Site
CAPTAIN TOLLEY'S Creeping crack cure Web Site
CAVINESS Paddles & oars Web Site
CETOL MARINE Marine coatings Web Site
CHAIN Galvanized and SS Chain
CHARLES INDUSTRIES Isolation Transformers Web Site
CLAMCLEAT Rope cleats Web Site
CMAP/USA INC Electronic charts Web Site
COBRA ELECTRONICS Marine Electronics Web Site
COLE HERSEE Electrical switches & connectors Web Site
COMPOUNDS Miscellaneous compound products
CRUISAIR AC systems sold in BC to Manitoba only Web Site
CTUG Kayak/Canoe carts and accessories Web Site
DALYS Paint & wood finishes Web Site
DAVIS INSTRUMENTS Boating accessories Web Site
DECK-GUARD Bird repellents Web Site
DICKINSON Heaters, stoves, BBQ & accessories Web Site
DOCK BUDDY Dock and Rafting Fenders Web Site

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