Tips And FAQs

Tips & FAQs

Here are just a few Tips and Tricks to help you navigate through this website:

Word searches

When using the word search function don't use plurals (i.e. type in "antenna" and not "antennas".

Short cut searches

Typing 182WRBC into "Search by Part Number" will give you all of the Almo products in that series of wire, even though the actual part numbers are different depending on which colour or size you want .

Brand searches

When searching for a particular brand try typing in just the first word. (i.e. type in the word Blue instead of Blueseas).

Part number searches

When using the "Search by Part Number" function make sure to enter only the part number, do not include the brand. (i.e. if you are searching for a Shakespeare 5248 Antenna, type in just the part number 5248 and not SHA5248)


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